Apply soap to the hinges of a creaking door to silence the noise


Occasionally pour boiling water onto washing soda that is placed on top of the grid to clear drains. Wear rubber gloves.


Never dust with a dry cloth, dampen or spray the cloth to pick up the dust, rather than move it around.


Store eggs in the original cartons they came in. Do not take them out and store them in the fridge door compartment. Firstly the eggs can ‘dry out’, secondly the opening and closing causes temperature fluctuations which can cause them to spoil and thirdly eggs can pick-up smells and tastes of other foods.

Finger Marks

To remove finger marks from wallpaper rub with a ball of white bread. Test on an unseen area to check first.


1 part distilled white vinegar mixed with 2 parts hot water will remove limescale from kettles and irons. Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse. Don’t get the electrics wet!


Freeze onions for 15 minutes before peeling. This fixes the oil which is the substance that escapes and causes tears.

Salty Food

If a stew or soup is too salty add a raw potato to reduce the saltiness.


To make inserting a screw into hard wood easier, put wax polish or candle wax on the end of the screw.

Worcestershire Sauce

Apply to a soft cloth it makes an excellent brass cleaner.

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