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Whether you’re going away, working long hours, moving house or just needing help, our Organisers can be there for you.

We are there for you, for just about anything.

To fully understand your requirements we give you a single point-of-contact who is responsible for making your life that much easier during the working day.

Your Organiser will communicate with you by whatever means you desire and keep you fully updated on the progress of work with weekly task sheets. If you require we can make this information available more often for particularly complex projects.

If you require specific services of other Life Won’t Wait staff you are eligible for a 20% discount on our normal charges for one-off projects.

If we are unable to offer the services in-house we will recommend suitable specialists from our network or work with your preferred people.

We can make all the arrangements for you and deal with the paperwork as well if necessary, although we prefer you to pay for the final purchases yourself at the point-of-completion. We will also do this on your behalf but will charge a standard 10% handling fee to cover our costs.

There’s a choice of membership packages to suit your needs:

The Lifesaver - For those of you that require ongoing support to keep your domestic life on track

The Check-Up - For regular home visits to ensure that everything is in order

The Scream - For those ’moments’ we all have when tackling larger projects

As with all our services we are currently available 12 hours a day from 8.00am to 8.00pm as standard. We hope you understand that our Organisers also have lives to lead and may not always be available for this entire period.

As our company operates from a central point we will endeavour to cover these periods with other professional staff.

We are available to work outside of these hours but have to charge a different service rate. Please contact us if you feel this is necessary.

Organiser Fees


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