Organising Services

  We’ve devised 3 fee levels, all of which we believe offer good value for money, but with extra savings for those customers who use our services on a more regular basis.

Our Organisers keep an accurate timesheet during their working day, correct to the nearest 15 minutes. From this, the time spent organising your tasks is deducted from a bank of hours against your personal account. You are able to use these hours whenever you like and roll the unused time over. Just top up the hours when they run low.

We initially offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss and understand your requirements and then send you a written report of the meeting for your consideration.

Our fees include our Organiser’s time during their normal working day, all forms of communication we make on your behalf, stationery, standard first class postage and the cost of travel on any local errands.

All packages are eligible for a 20% discount on our own Housekeeper and Handyman services, if required, for specific one-off tasks.

It does not include any costs incurred during the fulfilment of your tasks. We prefer you to pay for these services/products at the point-of-completion, but will do so ourselves if necessary, subject to a 10% handling fee to cover our costs.

The initial Lifesaver and Check-Up fees are paid in advance. Any extra incurred costs (with handling fee) and The Scream will be billed within 5 working days, and payment is expected within 7 working days. Monthly statements are sent to all of our ‘active’ customers.

The Lifesaver

Basically we’re there for you! If you require a lot of help to implement or maintain many domestic tasks then this is our most cost-effective package. It truly is like having your own personal assistant.

12 hours Organiser’s time £318.00            

The Check-Up

This service is normally for people who are away from home on a regular basis during the working week. We make a regular weekly visit to your property where we pick up your ‘to do’ list and act on the tasks you have left for us.

Depending on the circumstances, this includes everything from checking the security of the premises to collecting items from the dry cleaners.

We can arrange for our Housekeepers or Handyman teams to visit later if necessary and also inform you of any issues that may need addressing before your return.

6 hours Organiser’s time £168.00            

The Scream

Many customers use this service first to see if we really are as good as we say! Others use it for organising a backlog of jobs or managing a large project. As with all of our packages the same level of service will be apparent and covers all types of tasks.

It got it’s name after one of our customers explained they saw what they had to do, had no time and just stood there and screamed!

Charged at an hourly rate £30.00*           
*Minimum charge of one hour applies, charges are           
then based on 15 minute increments

Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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