Organising Services


Is your life a perpetual list of ‘things to do’?

How many times have you thought ‘I must do that’, only to put it off or forget about it until too late?

Our professional Organisers are here to help. They take the hassle and responsibility from your shoulders.

They work through your ‘to do’ list using their own skills and experience, plus, if required, using the resources available within the company and our network of trusted suppliers

Our Organisers are the project managers of our business and your household. They cover the areas outside that of our Housekeeper and Handyman teams remit. The Organisers offer a bespoke service to those that really need them.

The service covers a wide range of tasks that need doing to keep your household running smoothly. They can help you organise and declutter your life.

Everything from arranging your cupboards to complete property staging, from sorting out paperwork to taking clothes to the charity shop, from researching a holiday to watering the plants and feeding the fish when you’re away. You get the idea!


The benefits to you are not just about saving time, however important this is. They can offer :

  -  a fresh perspective on a problem,
  -  reduce anxiety,
  -  find the best deals and
  -  allow for more interesting projects to move forward by
     completing more essential ones for you.

Organising Services

Whether you need regular support, or occasional help, we have a solution that offers real value for money through our Organiser Membership Scheme.

Organiser Membership Scheme


Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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