One of the great advantages of having a range of specialist skills within the Group is that we are able to offer a complete service to those people who require it.

This is no more apparent than when we offer a ‘makeover’ service for your property.

By combining more than one of our services we can offer everything from a quick ‘facelift’ to your house and garden, through to a complete change of style.


What Do We Do

Below are listed a few of the typical scenarios we handle;

An ‘end of tenancy’ sometimes means that your to-let property needs tidying and repairing. We often attend properties where the previous tenants did not treat your property as you would have hoped. In these instances we can combine our Housekeeping, Decorating or Handyman teams to offer a complete service to get your property back onto the market.

Inherited properties are not always decorated to modern tastes or maintained to expected standards. Again, using a combination of our services, we are able to fix these issues and make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Although you love your house and garden you feel it is time for a change. The cost of moving is exorbitant and you have many fond memories, so moving is not the option. This is an excellent example of where Life Won’t Wait is able to offer all of its services to ensure that you do not have the hassle involved with project-managing a complete change.

Whether you want a complete change or just a quick fix then please feel free to give us a ring on our Freephone number 0800 0753 600 or e-mail us on

How We Work

Assuming you want to a complete change to your house and garden and do not know where to start, then we can offer this complete service for you, although as we’ve already said you are at liberty to pick and choose.

A typical larger project follows this process:

Initial Consultation – normally lasts an hour or so, where we briefly discuss our business and show you some sample projects. Mainly we will talk about your new ‘dream’. Richard will take a brief about what you are after and will guide you through all the areas you need to think about. He’ll suggest a potential proposition and timeframe and leave you to consider the matter.
This consultation is free of charge, with no obligations.

Design Briefing – if you like what you see and hear you then instruct us to come and discuss the matter in detail. Richard will project manage the entire process and bring with him those people he feels are necessary to help you.

If you require help with interior design then Jane Pollard, one of our Organisers and a qualified Interior Designer, will also be present. Mac Price and Dave Phillips will also attend if decorating and/or gardening services are required. We will then submit an initial estimate and rough designs for the interior and exterior of your property.

This design service is charged for and varies depending on your requirements. We do not start the process however until we have made you aware of how much this stage will cost.

Planning – Richard will discuss the initial concepts and estimates with you, and on approval final designs and all necessary plans will be produced. We will also be able to agree your budgets and finalise our estimate.

This price will again vary depending on the complexity of the project, but all costs will be fully explained in advance.

The Makeover Begins – the design and budgets have now been agreed and so the work begins. Again Richard will project manage the whole process, however the specialists will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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