Our housekeepers  

We offer a variety of services which can be incorporated into an overall package or quoted for separately.

Also we can offer off-site facilities for some services.

To fully understand your requirements we prefer to come and see you for a no obligations discussion at your convenience.

We are able to give an indication only of pricing over the telephone

or by e-mail but it is always better to view your property to ascertain all of the facts.

Below we have listed in detail more about our services and the way they are normally used.


This obviously forms a large part of our Housekeeping business and we offer different levels and types of service. This ranges from deep cleans, including new house moves, after-builder cleans and spring cleaning, to regular weekly cleaning. Regarding regular cleaning we like to use our rotational cleaning programme which ensures we can keep your house sparkling the most cost effective way.

We supply all the necessary products and equipment for cleaning and offer both modern and more traditional cleaning products to care for your home – the choice is yours.


Currently we only offer this service using our clients own facilities and cleaning products. This is due to the wide number of preferences people have regarding washing and softening products. We only incorporate this into an overall package as it is not cost-effective to offer this as a one-off service.


This is offered as part of a package if we iron at your own home using your equipment and this is then normally bundled in with our regular cleaning service. Alternatively we also offer this service off-site as a stand-alone service, your laundry is collected, ironed and delivered with a 24–48 hour turnaround.

Food Preparation

We do not cook meals on your behalf but will prepare the vegetables and ingredients to lessen the time needed to produce a meal. We offer a hygienic service and use your own utensils and equipment to prepare and safely store the items. This service is not a stand-alone but can be incorporated into a package, such as shopping or cleaning.


We offer this again as part of a package rather than a ‘one-off’. We will go to your preferred store, with you to help or on our own, and purchase your food shopping. Our Housekeepers are all police-checked and trustworthy and therefore we ask that you leave payment with your shopping list as we do not offer a credit service for this particular situation.

Hopefully the details above give you more of an idea of how Life Won’t Wait can help you get everyday chores under control and give you more time to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

Housekeeper Fees


Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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