Our housekeepers

Although the majority of our services are, by their very nature, carried out at your home, we also offer an ironing service that is undertaken at our premises.

We charge by the item or dry weight rather than time.

This makes it more cost-effective for you and gives us the opportunity to manage the process more easily.

It's much simpler to estimate how long to clean a property without the variable of an unknown amount of weekly washing to fit into a regular cleaning schedule.

Our off-site ironing service offers free collection and delivery with a 24-48 hour turnaround, although we aim to offer 24 hours for choice.

The pricing structure, inclusive of delivery/collection, is as below:

      Adult shirts and blouses

- 70p per item
      Adult skirts and trousers

- 70p per item
      Adult jeans

- 70p per item
      Kids items (as above)

- 45p per item
      All other items are based on £1.10 per 1lb dry weight.

We have a minimum order of £10.00

All shirts and blouses are supplied on hangers and we supply all finished items in plastic packaging - to help save waste, we are able to re-use these items if they are returned with your next order.

Please remember that we employ experienced staff who are used to producing high quality work within a given timeframe, rather than those who may not be as quick or capable.


Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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