Although we offer a variety of Housekeeping services we have tried to simplify our pricing structure and, in-keeping with our transparent pricing policy, give indications of our fees.

With the following exceptions all of our charges include the moment we walk in your front door to the moment we leave, and nothing else.

Apart from the laundry and food preparation services we supply all materials and equipment.

Ironing at your house uses your equipment.


Shopping is charged on a time basis, from the moment we arrive at the store to the time we leave your house.

If at any time you are unhappy with the level or quality of service we will return at a convenient time to put matters right. There will be no charge for this service – fortunately this is a very rare occurrence!

Fee Structure

Housekeepers normally work in pairs and each team is charged out at a rate of £28.00 per hour, individuals at £14.00 per hour

We fully employ and insure our police-checked staff - we are not an agency.

By looking after our Housekeepers, we can guarantee that they will only do their best for you. They offer a premium and cost effective service.

Similar to other company services, timesheets are kept to the nearest 15 minutes and it is in these increments of 15 minutes that we charge our customers.

This said, most Housekeeping services are pre-quoted and strict programmes adhered to.

We hope this gives you a good basis of our charging structure. Please remember that we employ experienced staff, who are used to producing high quality work within a given timeframe, rather than those who may not be as quick or capable.



Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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