Below are some of the tasks we regularly do for customers


      -  Replace light switches
      -  Fitting lights and ceiling fans
      -  Replace light sockets
      -  Change plugs


      -  Hang doors
      -  Change locks
      -  Clean patios
      -  Fix fences and gates
      -  Build ‘flat-pack’ furniture
      -  Hang pictures
      -  Change light bulbs
      -  Put up curtain poles
      -  Hang plasma screens


      -  Painting
      -  Making good damaged plaster
      -  Making good paint or wallpaper
      -  Tiling
      -  Replacing grout
      -  Resealing in kitchens and bathrooms


      -  Installing washing machines
      -  Replacing washers
      -  Changing taps
      -  Fixing ball valves and flushes
      -  Fixing leaks
      -  Removing radiators
      -  Plumbing sinks

What We Don’t Do

      -  Gas work
      -  Laying flooring
      -  Big redecorating work
      -  Large plastering work
      -  Re-wiring
      -  Fault finding
      -  Installing new circuits
      -  Make a mess!





We’re at the end of a phone or an e-mail away if you’re not sure and need to contact us for some friendly advice.


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