If it’s broken, dripping, blocked, wonky, worn out, still in the box or just ignored then we can probably help you out.

Our Handymen are ideal for all those small jobs that need doing around the house or garden. We’ve scraped out drains on bended knee and then cleaned out gutters at rooftop height to ensure that you don’t have to!


Knowledgeable and capable, with the right tools for the job, we can clear up a number of tasks – completing them quickly and efficiently.

We offer help with jobs that normally take between half an hour to half a day. Hit this link to see the range of skills we offer and the type of jobs we handle on a daily basis

You can feel confident that we will produce a top-quality job and also clean-up after ourselves as well.

Fee Structure

Our Handymen are charged out at £35.00 for the first hour and £23.50 for each hour thereafter.

We do not charge a call-out fee and time sheets are kept to the nearest 15 minutes (after a minimum charge of 30 minutes).

Depending on the complexity of the work we may give an estimate over the telephone but would normally like to meet you to discuss the work. We also seriously have to consider Health & Safety implications on some jobs and may need to carry out a simple risk assessment – particularly when working at height.

Unless there are some unknown factors when we estimate a job, the time we allow will be what is charged, even if we overrun. If we carry out the work more quickly then you will not be charged the full estimated price. Fortunately due to the type of work we do this is not a usual occurrence but we are transparent in our charging structure.

We prefer the customer to provide all the necessary materials to complete the job – we supply the equipment and skilled Handyman. If however you require us to provide this we reserve the right to charge for the time needed to get the materials plus a 10% handling fee to cover the purchase costs.



Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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