This offering is proving to be very popular, basically they’re ‘special treats’ for people you care about.

The packages range from gift vouchers through to complete days using all of our services.

People have purchased them as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, ‘in-the-doghouse’ days – whatever the reason, everyone loves being pampered!

We supply a full-colour gift certificate with every package to announce the arrival of our teams. Gift vouchers are also supplied, where appropriate, similar in style to book tokens.

All gift packages and vouchers are valid up to 12 months after the date of purchase.

All of our packages come as half day or full day treats, with an initial free 30 minute consultation to discuss the finer points of what you are trying to achieve.

We have found the packages listed below to be the most popular combinations:

Gift Vouchers
(available in £5 increments)
Ideal if you would like the recipient to have freedom of
choice of our services
Chorebuster (£120) 4 hours of one of our Housekeeper teams
Top To Bottom (£180) 6 hours of one of our Housekeeper teams
Snagging (£105) 4 hours of one of our Handymen
Shipshape (£135) 7 hours of one of our Handymen
Inside & Out (£225) 4 hours of a Housekeeping Team and a Handyman
New You (£125) 4 hours of our Professional Organiser's time
Note: Housekeeper Teams consist of 2 people. Handymen and Organisers operate as individuals


Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind



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