Dave Phillips

Life Won’t Wait, in partnership with Ace Garden Service, are now able to offer a complete design, landscaping and maintenance service.

Ace Garden Service was set-up in 2003 by Dave Phillips to help people discover and appreciate their ‘outdoor room’. Dave then ensured that his customers could also enjoy it with the minimum of effort if they so desired.

An avid gardener all his life, and having designed many gardens on a part-time basis, Dave decided to turn his passion into a business. Giving up a corporate financial career he studied for his professional qualifications to add to his extensive practical knowledge and experience.


This, coupled with his natural enthusiasm for his subject, has meant that Dave has built up a loyal following of customers over many projects.

Wishing to develop his business further Dave and his team have linked-up with Life Won’t Wait to add depth and experience to our existing ‘chorebusting’ services.

What Do We Do

Ace Garden Service can offer a complete service for your ‘outdoor room’, from initial design through to full hard and soft landscaping, plus general ongoing maintenance.

Like all of the Life Won’t Wait services we will assist you with just the design, or landscaping, or maintenance if you so desire. We are here to ensure you enjoy your garden and will help you only where you wish.

We are more than happy to help you with a simple patio design, or the replanting of a herbaceous border, as we are with constructing a completely new garden.

For those of you that do not have the time or ability to manage your garden we can help with cutting the lawn, pruning plants or any of the myriad tasks that maintain your garden’s appearance throughout the year.

Whether you want a complete change to your garden or just regular help with keeping it tidy you need to get in touch!

Please feel free to give us a ring on our Freephone number 0800 0753 600 or e-mail us on gardens@lifewontwait.co.uk


How We Work

Assuming you want to change your garden and do not know where to start then we can offer this complete service for you, although as we’ve already said you are at liberty to pick and choose.

A typical larger project follows this process:

Initial Consultation – normally lasts up to an hour, where we briefly discuss our business, show you some sample projects and then talk about the most important subject – your garden.

Dave will take a brief about what you are after and will guide you through all the areas you need to think about. He’ll leave you with a questionnaire and lots of thoughts for you to consider. This consultation is free of charge, with no obligations.

Site Survey – if you like what you see and hear you then instruct us to come and take an accurate site survey. Here we measure the garden, making note of existing features, slopes, soil type etc.

Dave will talk to you about your requirements in more detail, go through your questionnaire and discuss your budget requirements. He will then go away to create an accurate plan of your garden, produce some outline plans and submit an initial estimate for the design and landscaping project.

Design – after discussing the initial concepts and estimate, a final plan is drawn up featuring all of the required hard and soft landscaping. A planting plan and landscaping project plan is created and a final quote incorporating all of the elements involved.

Landscaping – the design and budgets have now been agreed and so the  building and planting begins…


Giving You Back Time, With Peace Of Mind


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