Do I have to use all of your services?
No, not at all. Some of our customers just use our handyman teams to carry out ‘one-off’ minor repairs. Others have regular weekly visits from our Housekeepers. Customers who use our Organisers are the people most likely to use and benefit from our complete service offering. We are here only for what you require.

Can I always have the same people deal with me?
As with any service industry we try our best to build up a professional working relationship with our customers. To that end we prefer to designate suitable staff to manage your needs, so ‘yes’ we do try and have the same people deal with you. However our staff are not on ‘permanent call’ as we appreciate they have lives of their own, plus we abide by EU working practice laws. Therefore there may be occasions when it is not possible to deal with the same people as normal.

Can I arrange for services on behalf of other people?
Absolutely. We have many customers who use our services to help their friends and relatives. In addition, our gift packages enable you to give someone the perfect present – the gift of time.

Are you a 24 hour emergency service?
We are not an emergency service, we will try to help with any urgent demands if we can but this cannot be guaranteed. Our normal hours of working are 8.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday. We charge a premium of 50% outside of these hours if we are able to cover them.

Do you give free estimates?
All our estimates are free.

Do I have to wait in?
All of our jobs are diarised and you will be advised of the time of arrival of our staff. Towards the end of a heavy day we are sometimes a little behind but we pride ourselves on our timekeeping. We also offer a secure key-holding system for some customers who know they will not be at home when we call, or we can collect a key from neighbours.

Are you insured?
We are insured and carry £2m public liability insurance.

Are there any hidden extras?
The prices quoted on the relevant pages form the basis of our charges. We charge 10% on to any purchases we make on your behalf, this will be agreed before we make the transaction. This charge does not apply to cleaning equipment and materials, handyman tools and fittings, such as screws and glues, or Organiser materials listed in the relevant section. We have a transparent pricing policy and do not believe in nasty surprises.

How can I pay?
Currently we accept cash or cheque. We are in the process of developing online credit card payment via Paypal and hope to have this in place near to Christmas.

How do you know your staff are reliable and trustworthy?
We directly employ our staff, we are not an agency. Our recruitment procedures are extensive and everyone goes through an induction period. We also carry out CRB checks on all staff members. We believe that by following these procedures we are able to find the best staff possible to help us and you. For ease of recognition our staff are uniformed and have photo identity cards with them when working. If you require we can also use a simple but effective password scheme.

What areas do you cover?
We operate in the ‘SS’ postcode area.

Do you do office work?
We do operate our Organiser and Handyman services in a commercial environment. We do not currently offer Housekeeping in this way.

Why an 0800 number?
We want to make dealing with us as cost-effective as possible, however you are more than willing to use our normal telephone number – 01702 421080!


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